Brief Introduction

I guess this is a blog for anyone who is interested in Benevita.

I have always been a bit of a skeptic when it comes to weight loss shakes and diets, mainly because I can’t believe that powder is better or healthier than food. Im not sure what the initial effects will be, or even what the lasting effects will be.

I signed up to the Benevita 21 day weight management programme, this includes 21 sachets , plus vitamins (I will go into further detail on my next post). My main reason for signing up? My other half – yep thats it.

I debated how best to document any change and he suggested photographs….so I figured, why not just start a blog, documenting my month of use.

I aim to be as honest as I can, I’m a huge skeptic, and I feel that if I see or feel a difference in my day to day, whether it is good or bad I will share it. The aim is to be as open and honest as possible, and if any of you have tried Benevita, or are thinking about trying it please do contact me. or write a comment 🙂

Day 1 will begin shortly.




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