Day 1




Arms: 13.5 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Hips:40.5 inches

Bust: 40 inches

Thigh:21.5 inches

So I started today feeling quite optimistic, I took my 2 x Go Tablets with 250ml of water, and half a pack of the Shake (blended – yes blended, with 300ml water) and 1 Vita+ tablet with 250ml water.

The consistency of the shake was a bit thin, and there was some separation, which was a little off putting at first. (it took about 5 mins of staring at the blended mix before I eventually drank it) I have chosen to go for the chocolate flavoured shake, and to be honest I wasn’t let down by the flavour. it was good, the texture itself was a little off.

So I felt reasonably full, all pangs of hunger disappeared and I was able to take my mum out shopping. From above it does feel like you’re drinking lots of water, BUT About an hour and a half later I felt extremely thirsty. My mouth and throat felt dry, and I got a little panic-y. ย This isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before – like i said in my previous post, I’ve never taken any dietary supplements before but I have heard that thirst can be a side effect. I just didn’t realise the level of thirst, and the panic didn’t help, as it resulted in me feeling a little sick, and rushing around so I could get home. (I thought I was having an allergic reaction!) – BUT I had brought my handy shake it bottle with me (in the car) and as soon as I had some water all of the dryness was gone.

Moral of this story – I guess water in take is key. I just didn’t realise how key till that moment.

I missed my snack as I was out, and as I was going out again, I thought it best to take the 2nd half of my sachet for an early-ish lunch. This time, I blended the Shake with coconut water. the consistency was much thicker, and i felt fuller for longer. I took this with my 2nd Vita+ tablet, and some water and then went on my merry way back out.

The dryness came back a little, as I didn’t have any water for about an hour after. My water drinking, especially during winter is pretty poor – so this encouraged me to buy some water and to ensure I was hydrated.

The rest of the day was pretty good, no issues to speak of. It was a bit of a non day, as I was out most of the day I didn’t really have a “healthy” snack. I ended up having a bratwurst at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and I felt like I was going to burst. Very full, I didn’t feel like I needed the whole thing (just being greedy!) we did a hell of a lot of walking.

I ended my Benevita day with 2 x Recovery BEFORE my evening meal. I say before in caps as I didn’t get a chance to read my instructions as to whether this should be taken before or after my evening meal.

All in all, not a bad day, lesson learnt on the water in take – ill make sure I’m hydrated, and at the very least this will start a water drinking habit ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve not put up my stats as yet as i needed help confirming them (my mummy!) so I will update this post at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

I am also looking into an instagram page, so I can post pictures of the products themselves.

Tomorrow (because its late right now and I walked 20,121 steps today, so I’m tired) I will note down the benefits of the “Go”, “Recover” and “Vita+” what they are and why I’ve been advised to take them with the Shake it.




6 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Never taken any shakes or supplements but I hope it works out for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just make sure you don’t accidently lower your calorie intake too much. Happened to me when I started my weight loss.


  2. The big one was eliminating empty calories like junk food/snacks. For a month I didn’t go out to eat and made everything myself. For me I found out that the reason I was so hungry was because I ate like 1000ca of junk and my body was basically saying we need about 2000 of good calories. so you could eat lots and lots but if you don’t satisfy the needs of your body you will still be hungrier. So once I started giving my body what it needed I became less and less hungrier. If you drop it too much will notice because you will be hungry. However for me there was this zone between 1700-2000ca where I just felt tired and just weird. I only figured that out when I started calculating ca. Then I did some research and found that since I had started exercising and was 5’8 I should actually be eating closer to 2200 Ca. I was like what? But it worked i actually had to eat more to build muscle and loose weight. As a rule of thumb now divide my plate in thirds. first third is meat(never deep fried), second third vegetables(at least a little bit of the leafy kinds), the last third is for fruits. I allow 1 cheat meal(not day) every 3rd day and 1 cheat snack a day(but don’t finish it in one serving) I have lost 40lbs in about 4 months.

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    1. Congratulations! Thats awesome!! How hard/ easy was it to calorie count?
      I found that I hit a plateau so I wasn’t loosing any weight and I couldn’t see a difference. I was going to boot camp 4 times a week at one point! I know that diet counts for a lot, but I don’t really eat junk (maybe once every other Friday…)
      And I think thats another reason why I thought I would give this plan a go, I have noticed a change today – I was up earlier than usual, and actually feeling alert – which is a good feeling ๐Ÿ™‚ so the supplements must be doing something.

      Is this more of a way of life now as opposed to a diet? I have seen studies that say we actually need to eat around 5 small meals a day (healthy obviously) but in this day and age, who really has time to do that?


      1. The first week was me eating and going “hmm how many calories are there in this banana?”lol It wasn’t too long because I would just google the meals I was eating. Eventually it just starts to stick. What I eat is definitely a way of life. If it was a diet then it would mean I would stop it at some point and gain everything I eat 3 times a day. 500ca for breakfast, 800ca. for lunch, and 800 for dinner. Never eat 3 hours before bed or two hours after I’m awake. Mondays I work out arms, tues. legs, wed rest,thrs, run, fri. rest, sat arms/legs, and sun rest. Exercise tears down the muscles and sleep is when you build them so I make sure to get enough sleep. I would recommend you write down what you eat one day and look it up online. It might take awhile but it will help you get a sense at how much or how little you are eating. Also look up a calorie calculator to help you get a sense at how many calories your body may need. I’m 24, 5’8, and have been exercising so about 2200-2400 is good for me.

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      2. Thank you for that, I’ve downloaded an app “my fitness pal” which should help me count my calorie intake. I doubt I am under eating BUT I think its good to swap heavy food and empty calories for lighter food with calories that are easy to burn and the app should help with that.
        I hope you had a great christmas!


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