Day 3….Benevita Challenge

Today was a good day….I think.

I woke up super early (fully intending to go to the gym) – but it was cold. So I went brushed etc and had a glass of water….WITH A SQUEEZE OF LEMON!  Now I personally am not sure what the lemon water concussion does, but I’ve always been told its “good for kick starting your metabolism” so I do try and have this most mornings anyway.

I had 2 of my super GO! tablets and lots of water. About an hour later I had my half a shake. As I’m still out of coconut water! (I know, right?!?!) I thought I’d try a recipe I saw on the Benevita website: 1/2 banana, sprinkle of cinnamon, 300ml water and the chocolate Shake it. This was actually pretty good, and ill probably have it again. And my Vita+ Tablet.

I then did a home workout, from an app I downloaded called: 30 day fitness challenge. I completed day 1 for the full body, Butt and Abs workout. Day 2 I guess ill continue with tomorrow??

About 2 hours later (yes I’m timing the food intervals, I got a little peckish, and decided to have my go-to snack of crackers with chicken and cottage cheese (I HAVE AN INSTAGRAM SET UP!!) and you can see my snack by clicking here .

About 2 hours later (weird right) I felt peckish, so had the 2nd half of my Benevita Chocolate Shake it (with banana and cinnamon) and my 2nd Vita+

2 hours later (- noticing a pattern?) I had my snack – a healthy Daal homemade by my mummy!

I then popped out for a walk with my brother (3,199 steps today 😦 )

Dinner consisted of Salmon, with Veg, Avocado and some chips (healthy but not healthy?) I actually realised about halfway through my meal that i’d forgotten my Recover Tablets, and had them post meal as opposed to prior. (Im not sure if this makes any difference or not….I guess we’ll find out tomorrow!)

All in all, day 3 has been a good one, I feel more energetic when I wake up, and I didn’t struggle as much last night. My Poop has not been great, my schedule is off – after 3 days I think I have to chalk it down Benevita.  However, I don’t feel bloated either, which is strange for someone doing mini poo’s.

My throat is feeling a little off, but this could be due to flu weather. Im drinking more water, which means I pee more, but other than that I’m feeling good, I don’t mind the shake in water so much now, and I think I’ve gotten used to the texture.

Slight confession too……I had some chocolate biscuits today they were staring at me, and I had a cup of tea and thought “why not, its only one…..” it ended up being three.

That aside – Tomorrow is a new day – I think I will push myself to go to the gym and have a full on workout – I need it before the Christmas weekend.

As promised, here is a breakdown of the ingredients in Recover (I may actually do a separate post on these at some point…..)

In comparison to “Go” Recover is pretty easy going;

Magnesium: from what I can see, Magnesium is good for regulating blood sugar, helps regulate blood pressure and supports a heathy immune system.

Lemon Balm: Is good for relaxation, it reduces stress and anxiety (I thought I felt a bit more “normal”) and is good for sleep. It also helps to ease pain and discomfort from indigestion.

Glucomannan: (copied from yesterdays post) aids constipation, weight loss in adults and children, type 2 diabetes, blood sugar control, and lowering cholesterol.

So all in all, pretty calming stuff to get you ready for bed. Still not sure of the implications of having Recover AFTER a meal….but lets see.

Tomorrow ill go into detail RE the shakes, i think its interesting and always good to know exactly what you’re putting into your body.

As with my other posts, please feel free to share and like and comment – 🙂







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