Benevita Challenge Day 5

Day 5, almost 1 week down and I have to say I haven’t struggled as much as I thought I would.

I will be posting up my measurements again on Monday – just to see if theres been a difference (I’m not expecting any, as I can’t see a change – but its only week 1)

Today I switched up my Smoothie, and used strawberries – I think I prefer the banana – the texture of strawberries was a little strange. I have been looking for some other recipes, and saw one with a Mango….so perhaps I’ll give that a try.

I’ve found that 1 full shake in the morning keeps me sustained for longer, as I’m not feeling hungry until about 14.00 HOWEVER I’m also not having a snack in between….this could be because I’m not waking up at a normal time and breakfast for me is around 10am. BUT the plan does say to have a healthy snack, which I haven’t really been doing.

img_20161223_144019Lunch today was a chicken salad, pretty tasty and the salad alone is pretty filling. I’ve not looked into calories this week, its probably something I will look at next week, I know there is an app (my fitness pal) that helps calculate calories so I should be able to see if I’m A: overeating or B: under eating. (secretly hoping its B – I like food πŸ™‚ )

I forgot to take Recover before dinner again today, so I took it between dinner and dessert (dontjudgeme). I don’t think this has a major effect on anything, I certainly haven’t noticed a difference – however I would recommend having this before a meal rather than after – digestive thing I think…and it probably works better if you have it before so it works before you get food in your belly. There must be a scientific reason – but Im not a scientist so what I’ve just said could be a load of crap!

My water game has been off, and I can feel it. This is always a problem I have, especially if I go out, I won’t drink anything for hours and I think this makes me feel unwell (as I’m feeling a little unwell today) The effects of lack of water, have hit me more since I’ve been taking Benevita – I do feel more thirsty and my throat starts to feel dry, something that didn’t happen before at all and its not something I particularly enjoy.

Christmas starts, food wise, for my family tomorrow. I am a little worried that my eyes will be bigger than my stomach – they always are. But it is about self control also (of which, there are times I have none). I am confident that I will persevere – I want to be healthier and fitter. I plan on getting Married and being happy with the way I look, and these are the thoughts that I will keep with me whenever temptation rears its head.

I am happy to say that my toilet habits are back to normal, I think it was just my body adjusting to the change. I pee a lot now, but this is down to water consumption I think. Its not great when you’re out and can’t find a toilet! But drinking more water is a good thing (see my paragraph above)

Today I went for a long walk with my Dad, along the Green chain. For those of you that don’t know this is a scenic walking route connecting parks, forests, meadows together. Really nice during the summer, and can be pretty during winter. We racked up 7047 steps which isn’t too bad πŸ™‚ – This was my exercise for today, I’ve really struggled with getting to the gym, which doesn’t make me feel good, because I always time to go. I just lookout of the window and think “nah, too dark/cold…sleep”

All in all, I have enjoyed week 1, replacing /breakfast and lunch has been pretty easy I find I don’t really eat lunch anyway and if I do, its more snack food than food food, especially as I’m not currently working. I have always tried to have a healthy breakfast, and will more than likely have this tomorrow πŸ˜€

The shake is actually very tasty, and if blended (yes blend don’t shake) the texture is like a milkshake.

I have been using water these last few days, and I found its lighter than using coconut milk. (you can use almond or even normal milk) Im not sure which I prefer BUT having it with water alone isn’t a bad thing, it still tastes great. I guess its all personal choice if you do decide to do the weight loss challenge, then I suggest trying a few things to see what suits you.

For me the taste is everything, If I didn’t like the taste I wouldn’t have lasted a week – no matter what I initially set out to achieve, I have to enjoy it. I can honestly say I am – which has come as a surprise to me.

I have been limited on the exercise, Ive not really done much other than walking BUT something is better than nothing.

Now the Benevita challenge is a weekday challenge and I am looking forward to having the weekend (especially this one!) off, ONLY because I’ve missed having eggs for breakfast….and because its Christmas πŸ˜€

I will still be updating my blog, as I’m guessing I still need to take the vitamins on the days I don’t have the shakes…..I think….

In the mean time I will leave you with a picture from my walk today





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