6,7…..8! Benevita at Christmas

Hi all,

I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend/ yesterday as I’ve been super busy with the festivities, to everyone that reads my blog, I hope you had an awesome Christmas 🙂

So Benevita over the weekend. I spoke with my other half (who set my plan up for me) and he advised that I should still take the Vitamins (Vita +, Go and Recover) on the weekend. you’re given 60 tablets, which is basically a month of taking everything.

I also downloaded Myfitness Pal, as I wanted to see what my calorie intake is and how to monitor it (you can add me my user is: jasd88) It has the benefit shake plus the vitamins on there. Its pretty easy to use, you can scan the barcode of something if you’re on the move (i.e. Co-op special) or you can manually enter it in. The app will give you the calories and a breakdown of everything (Fats, Sodium, Sulphate, Vitamins etc) that you get from the meal.

So Saturday I had a nice healthy breakfast of Avocado on toast with a poached egg, tasty and filling, I took both my Vita + and Go with breakfast (as I had it a little late) Lunch was a slice of Pizza and some veggie fingers (at about 4pm after I’d done a round of last min Christmas shopping)  And dinner was all homemade, duck breast with garlic and herb post potatoes and roast vegetables.

Quite a heavy dinner BUT it was eaten early, and I went for a walk after dinner.

IMG_20161227_131152_192.jpgChristmas day was a bit of a write off, Breakfast consisted of a boiled egg on toast and a cup of tea, with my Benevita Go and Vita+ tablets. I was snacking throughout the morning, as you do – but decided I wouldn’t feel bad about it – its one day a year, we’re allowed to snack a little. Dinner was a traditional Roast, with all the trimmings and again we went for a long walk after dinner to walk off the carbs/ make up for the lazing around all day.

Both days I forgot to take Recover before my meal and so I had a mini snack after dinner and took Recover before hand.

Yesterday was Day 8/ day 6 shaking it. Now boxing day for my family is usually a chill day, we loaf around and watch TV and chill.  This year we went to a Naming ceremony. I had to Rush in the morning, so my brother made my shake for me, 1 sachet Shake it with 300ml water. I also took my Vita+. I decided to take my Go tablets with me and figured I’d see how the day went.

I had a snack of Pakoras (onion bhajis) when I arrived (my fitness pal has indian/ ethnic food on there too for those of you that are worried you won’t be able to log your meals) and lunch was cooked aubergines with chapati and some rice pudding – I managed to take the Go just before the meal. There was no snacking in between lunch and dinner so when we eventually got home I was more than a little peckish. Dinner consisted of a sausage sandwich (again I forgot to take Recover)

To make up for it, I had dessert, which was a melt in the middle pudding.


0 units of alcohol consumed which meant I had no empty calories – which was nice, as this meant I could snack a bit more!

I also received some awesome Alumine gifts this year (which I will post up later) the products are all natural so good for you and the environment.

All in all, Benevita Christmas wasn’t bad at all, I ate what I wanted and felt fuller quicker. I enjoyed my meals and could eat with the family. The only thing I will complain about is the thirst which is a nonstop never ending thing. I know I should drink more water, and I event went so far as to carry it around with me yesterday. BUT there are times when you can’t get to it and the thirsty feeling isn’t great.

Measurements will be posted up shortly (1 week in)



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