Benevita Challenge Day 9 – Positivity

So the measurements are in (please see my other post) 

Day 9 has been a good day, I feel energetic and have been putting together ideas for project work – which I would usually procrastinate about. (The perks of feeling good I think).

As usual I had my Shake this morning for breakfast with the Vita+. At lunch I had the Go with half a stuffed Aubergine and some roast Vegetables (leftovers from Christmas) I had a banana as a snack between lunch and dinner and……I remembered the RECOVER!!! (hence the featured Image) woohoo Dinner again was Aubergine and roast vegetables. Low calorie and healthy.

Exercise today was a walk, its been pretty cold but still felt good to get out walking I was fully frozen by the time I got home!

I’ve been looking into fitness challenges for next year, something like tough mudder – but maybe not as militant as I’m still a bit of a weakling.

My aim for this week is to get in some exercise (exclusive of the daily walks) and to try and cut out the bad food I keep sneaking. (I forgot to mention I had 3 jaffa cakes with a cup of tea dontjudgeme)

“Small changes can make a big difference.” – one thing at a time and I will reach my goal, the trick is to stay positive and keep working hard.



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