Day 10 – Midweek Blues

Today wasn’t a good day.

I woke up fully intending to work out – but that didn’t happen…

Lemon water woke up my system (I’m not sure if this should be warm or not…..I’ve been having it with cold water, but have been told its good to have it warm…)

Shake’d it up with a banana and my Vita + followed. And then I went out.

Now usually if I go out, I anticipate a late lunch when I get home, so I take my ‘Go’ with the shake. Today I decided to take my ‘Go’ with me and if I had lunch i’d be prepared.

That didn’t happen, there was no lunch, thus I didn’t take the ‘Go’ until about 5pm with half a banana.  It wasn’t too bad, and I wasn’t really starving. Ive noticed that I can have a cup of tea and feel full for a long time.

Dinner was Salmon, Chips and Vegetables – Nice and balanced 🙂

Quote of the day: “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen” 

And on that note…..I think I’m going to do a workout before bed. Hopefully that’ll help me feel better.



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