1 month on…

So, Ive been a little lapse for a while, I feel like I spent the whole of January in bed sick, and this has gotten me down a little as I’ve not been able to achieve any of the things I wanted to.

So I had to put the Benevita challenge on hold whilst I recovered. I had to do this for two reasons; 1) I was feeling sick and I know if I feel sick whilst taking something I wouldn’t usually be taking, I would never touch it again (wasted time and money) and 2) I had to be sure that it wasn’t the Benevita that was making me sick 😐 (when you introduce something new into your diet, your body can react in weird ways)

Thankfully, its not the Benevita.

I have been trying to eat “clean” (whatever that means) Avocado on toast, poached eggs etc. BUT I have also had a major break and have eaten a lot of sugary stuff too.  It makes me feel better when I am not well 🙂

I do think its time to get back on track, and I took advantage of the Benevita January offers and got 2 for 1 on the shakes (wooohooo) This is still on, and if you’re interested please click here Remember to click on wellness this will take you through to the Benevita page.

So I will be back with the challenge from Monday (valentines week – I know Im weird) and I’m hoping to be fit/ well enough to do some workouts too – T25 here I come!

“Tough times never last, but tough people do” – I have let being sick get me down, its time to pick myself up and get back to where I want to be.



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