Chocolate V’s Vanilla

Ohhh yes that age old question, Chocolate or Vanilla.

Usually its pretty easy, chocolate wins hands down! I mean who doesn’t like or enjoy chocolate?

In the Benevita world, there are a few notable differences between the two shakes.


  • Thin consistency in both powder form and when mixed with water
  • Odd aftertaste
  • Made me, might be different for others, more thirsty
  • Tastes and smells like Vanilla


  • Thicker consistency in both powder form and when mixed with water
  • Tastes and smells like chocolate

Ok, so I may be a little biased as Im a huge chocolate fan, but on the whole, they both taste great, and they’re both filling IE I’m not hungry after drinking.

I did notice I was more thirsty on Vanilla days, and I have a feeling this has something to do with the consistency.

To keep things fair, I used the same amount of water for both (300ml) and on the odd day I wanted to blend in a banana I did. I noticed that the vanilla shake tends to be a little frothy  but still has a water like texture even when blended. Chocolate in contrast is thicker and more “shake like”

I think as far as differences go, the main issue for me was the extra thirst with the Vanilla shake. Other than that, they both taste great and do the trick.

Give them both a try and let me know what you think!


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