Cold and Flu (& Benevita)

So, a lot to catch up on.

I had my time of the month last week, which unfortunately had me bedridden for a couple of days. (Note to all – The vitamins and minerals seem to have helped with PMS, but not actual menstrual pain).

The pain factor could be non related, as last month I was very stressed out, which led to being late/ having no pain and I was early this month and in a lot of pain – Lets see how it is next month I guess.

I haven’t taken any of the vitamins or the shake for the last couple of days as I have been unwell. (Everything likes to happen at once with me 🙂 ) But I’m hoping to be back on it tomorrow. (warm water shake anyone?)

I get sick maybe once a year, and its usually pretty bad, so I’m hoping this is my one time sickness and I’m done for the year 🙂 that would make me very happy.

As I left it I was going to start working out – I tried a session of the Sean T Hip hop abs, and to be honest it wasn’t really for me. So on Saturday I tried T25 – this is 25 mins of interval training, and I really enjoyed it. I felt like I worked out and it felt goooood. The plan was…to start this week, but thats gone out of the window slightly due to this evil cold I have.

I would have thought, with all the vitamins and minerals in the Benevita shakes and tablets that it would be very difficult to get sick, but thats not the case – its not a miracle cure I guess and once the dreaded flu or cold is in the household it spreads like wildfire.

My measurements will be late this week, to take into account the days I didn’t take my shakes. Again I don’t think there will be a drastic change, but half an inch a week isn’t bad going I think?  And like I said taking the vitamin tablets alone has made me feel great so I will be continuing on this journey with Benevita.

They actually have some great offers at the moment, if anyone is interested please click here

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – I honestly believe in this, positive thinking is a great thing and will leave you feeling good too. Leave the negativity in 2016 and move on to a bigger better 2017 and beyond!

Heres to feeling better soon!


Day 12 – 2 weeks in Benevita

So two weeks in, I feel like I should do end of week measurements too…(to see if I put anything on over the weekend….can it happen that quickly?)

I missed breakfast….like food breakfast today.  Maybe on days like this I should have the shake for lunch?

The thirst has died down, I am drinking more…water, tea….hot chocolate 😐

Its been a good two weeks I think, I feel the change in my energy I want to do things and I feel more motivated to do things. My main struggle is getting out of bed in the morning, and I find when its cold, not matter how motivated I feel….my bed just won’t let me get up.

I feel more positive, and I’m happier for it. I hope that I’m spreading the positivity to the rest of my family.  I would like to do a class in mindfulness – I think this is key in influencing your outlook on life. (perhaps in the new year).

The lemon water definitely helps settle my stomach in the mornings and this is something I try to do everyday. I do find that I’m fuller for longer, and sometimes I’m fuller quicker….however….yesterday evening I did get a little peckish before bed…and I had a chocolate truffle…..its the festive season I’m allowed!

My meals have been more or less the same as what I was eating before the plan….maybe more salads – but I enjoy them so its not really a problem. I would like to add more variety into my meals though. Cottage cheese has become one of my staples – I LOVE IT!

I feel like I need to make better food choices still, but being at home with my parents makes that a little hard, especially when they bring temptation into the house (did someone say chocolate gateaux?) But its all a work in progress.

All in all, from day 1 to day 12, I’m feeling more energetic, I have more energy and I feel positive which is great for me, as I used to feel tired all the time. And try as I might to be positive, something would always knock it and and be negative nora again…now its only two weeks and this could change and I could be a negative nora again….but for now I’m enjoying it.

The real test for me is period week. (TMI??) I know its probably hard for most girls, but for the last few years my PMS has been especially bad. Anything sets me off. I almost killed my brother once because I left my mouse for my laptop at work. I am hoping the influx of vitamins and minerals helps to balance my hormones and if it does, then for this alone I will continue with the programme.

Food Diary:

Breakfast: Chocolate Shake it, with Vita +

Lunch: Chappatis and mixed vegetables with cottage cheese.

Dinner: Chicken puff pastry with home made salad.

Measurements will be in on Monday – I don’t know if there will be a dramatic change, but I kinda see a bit of a change in my face…..which is a good thing 🙂

For now I wish you all a Happy New Year.

“The new year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” – I know I will be.

6,7…..8! Benevita at Christmas

Hi all,

I didn’t get a chance to post over the weekend/ yesterday as I’ve been super busy with the festivities, to everyone that reads my blog, I hope you had an awesome Christmas 🙂

So Benevita over the weekend. I spoke with my other half (who set my plan up for me) and he advised that I should still take the Vitamins (Vita +, Go and Recover) on the weekend. you’re given 60 tablets, which is basically a month of taking everything.

I also downloaded Myfitness Pal, as I wanted to see what my calorie intake is and how to monitor it (you can add me my user is: jasd88) It has the benefit shake plus the vitamins on there. Its pretty easy to use, you can scan the barcode of something if you’re on the move (i.e. Co-op special) or you can manually enter it in. The app will give you the calories and a breakdown of everything (Fats, Sodium, Sulphate, Vitamins etc) that you get from the meal.

So Saturday I had a nice healthy breakfast of Avocado on toast with a poached egg, tasty and filling, I took both my Vita + and Go with breakfast (as I had it a little late) Lunch was a slice of Pizza and some veggie fingers (at about 4pm after I’d done a round of last min Christmas shopping)  And dinner was all homemade, duck breast with garlic and herb post potatoes and roast vegetables.

Quite a heavy dinner BUT it was eaten early, and I went for a walk after dinner.

IMG_20161227_131152_192.jpgChristmas day was a bit of a write off, Breakfast consisted of a boiled egg on toast and a cup of tea, with my Benevita Go and Vita+ tablets. I was snacking throughout the morning, as you do – but decided I wouldn’t feel bad about it – its one day a year, we’re allowed to snack a little. Dinner was a traditional Roast, with all the trimmings and again we went for a long walk after dinner to walk off the carbs/ make up for the lazing around all day.

Both days I forgot to take Recover before my meal and so I had a mini snack after dinner and took Recover before hand.

Yesterday was Day 8/ day 6 shaking it. Now boxing day for my family is usually a chill day, we loaf around and watch TV and chill.  This year we went to a Naming ceremony. I had to Rush in the morning, so my brother made my shake for me, 1 sachet Shake it with 300ml water. I also took my Vita+. I decided to take my Go tablets with me and figured I’d see how the day went.

I had a snack of Pakoras (onion bhajis) when I arrived (my fitness pal has indian/ ethnic food on there too for those of you that are worried you won’t be able to log your meals) and lunch was cooked aubergines with chapati and some rice pudding – I managed to take the Go just before the meal. There was no snacking in between lunch and dinner so when we eventually got home I was more than a little peckish. Dinner consisted of a sausage sandwich (again I forgot to take Recover)

To make up for it, I had dessert, which was a melt in the middle pudding.


0 units of alcohol consumed which meant I had no empty calories – which was nice, as this meant I could snack a bit more!

I also received some awesome Alumine gifts this year (which I will post up later) the products are all natural so good for you and the environment.

All in all, Benevita Christmas wasn’t bad at all, I ate what I wanted and felt fuller quicker. I enjoyed my meals and could eat with the family. The only thing I will complain about is the thirst which is a nonstop never ending thing. I know I should drink more water, and I event went so far as to carry it around with me yesterday. BUT there are times when you can’t get to it and the thirsty feeling isn’t great.

Measurements will be posted up shortly (1 week in)


Benevita Challenge Day 5

Day 5, almost 1 week down and I have to say I haven’t struggled as much as I thought I would.

I will be posting up my measurements again on Monday – just to see if theres been a difference (I’m not expecting any, as I can’t see a change – but its only week 1)

Today I switched up my Smoothie, and used strawberries – I think I prefer the banana – the texture of strawberries was a little strange. I have been looking for some other recipes, and saw one with a Mango….so perhaps I’ll give that a try.

I’ve found that 1 full shake in the morning keeps me sustained for longer, as I’m not feeling hungry until about 14.00 HOWEVER I’m also not having a snack in between….this could be because I’m not waking up at a normal time and breakfast for me is around 10am. BUT the plan does say to have a healthy snack, which I haven’t really been doing.

img_20161223_144019Lunch today was a chicken salad, pretty tasty and the salad alone is pretty filling. I’ve not looked into calories this week, its probably something I will look at next week, I know there is an app (my fitness pal) that helps calculate calories so I should be able to see if I’m A: overeating or B: under eating. (secretly hoping its B – I like food 🙂 )

I forgot to take Recover before dinner again today, so I took it between dinner and dessert (dontjudgeme). I don’t think this has a major effect on anything, I certainly haven’t noticed a difference – however I would recommend having this before a meal rather than after – digestive thing I think…and it probably works better if you have it before so it works before you get food in your belly. There must be a scientific reason – but Im not a scientist so what I’ve just said could be a load of crap!

My water game has been off, and I can feel it. This is always a problem I have, especially if I go out, I won’t drink anything for hours and I think this makes me feel unwell (as I’m feeling a little unwell today) The effects of lack of water, have hit me more since I’ve been taking Benevita – I do feel more thirsty and my throat starts to feel dry, something that didn’t happen before at all and its not something I particularly enjoy.

Christmas starts, food wise, for my family tomorrow. I am a little worried that my eyes will be bigger than my stomach – they always are. But it is about self control also (of which, there are times I have none). I am confident that I will persevere – I want to be healthier and fitter. I plan on getting Married and being happy with the way I look, and these are the thoughts that I will keep with me whenever temptation rears its head.

I am happy to say that my toilet habits are back to normal, I think it was just my body adjusting to the change. I pee a lot now, but this is down to water consumption I think. Its not great when you’re out and can’t find a toilet! But drinking more water is a good thing (see my paragraph above)

Today I went for a long walk with my Dad, along the Green chain. For those of you that don’t know this is a scenic walking route connecting parks, forests, meadows together. Really nice during the summer, and can be pretty during winter. We racked up 7047 steps which isn’t too bad 🙂 – This was my exercise for today, I’ve really struggled with getting to the gym, which doesn’t make me feel good, because I always time to go. I just lookout of the window and think “nah, too dark/cold…sleep”

All in all, I have enjoyed week 1, replacing /breakfast and lunch has been pretty easy I find I don’t really eat lunch anyway and if I do, its more snack food than food food, especially as I’m not currently working. I have always tried to have a healthy breakfast, and will more than likely have this tomorrow 😀

The shake is actually very tasty, and if blended (yes blend don’t shake) the texture is like a milkshake.

I have been using water these last few days, and I found its lighter than using coconut milk. (you can use almond or even normal milk) Im not sure which I prefer BUT having it with water alone isn’t a bad thing, it still tastes great. I guess its all personal choice if you do decide to do the weight loss challenge, then I suggest trying a few things to see what suits you.

For me the taste is everything, If I didn’t like the taste I wouldn’t have lasted a week – no matter what I initially set out to achieve, I have to enjoy it. I can honestly say I am – which has come as a surprise to me.

I have been limited on the exercise, Ive not really done much other than walking BUT something is better than nothing.

Now the Benevita challenge is a weekday challenge and I am looking forward to having the weekend (especially this one!) off, ONLY because I’ve missed having eggs for breakfast….and because its Christmas 😀

I will still be updating my blog, as I’m guessing I still need to take the vitamins on the days I don’t have the shakes…..I think….

In the mean time I will leave you with a picture from my walk today




Day 4 – Making Changes

I changed the way I take my Benevita products today…

Rather than 1/2 a shake for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch, I decided to have 1 whole pack for breakfast.

As Im still out of coconut milk (and forgot to pick some up today – duh) I blended with water again, I used the same recipe as yesterday (banana and cinnamon) and downed it 🙂 I took my 2 x Vita+ just after and thought id keep an eye on the time/ how long it took for my hunger to return.

I took two of the GO tablets at around 13.30pm, intending to eat something shortly after, and ended up going out.

The hunger kicked in at around 14.30 (while in the frozen isle in Sainsbury’s), this wasn’t hunger pangs either this was full on if I don’t eat I will die hunger. So I had to pick something up while on the move (M&S pastry thing with tomatoes and feta cheese).

This kept me going till dinner (I drank a crap load of water when I got home too – something I haven’t really done today)

I took two of the Recover BEFORE my meal 🙂 and will have a cup of tea before bed – yes I am a Tea addict!

Few notes on how I felt/ how my body has felt today.

I want Number 2 as usual – clockwork – this felt good 🙂

But I have been feeling slightly hungry all day – like I want to eat something but I can’t quite figure out what.

Not sure if the hunger could do with the fact I didn’t really have a snack today?

I was told day 4 would be amazing, but I’ve felt tired today – so much so I had a nap! This is probably my own fault though as I had a pretty late night.

Christmas is going to be painful I think, but the weekend is supposed to be a break from the Shake it diet, so lets see  I don’t plan on overdoing it anyway.

I will do my Shake it ingredients in a post tomorrow – only because Im not feeling so peachy today.

oh and take a look at my Instagram @21daydiaryjas



Day 2…Information overload?

So I Started my day as i usually do, I went to the loo.

It wasn’t its usual self, by that i mean, full and weighty, and I didn’t feel like my bowels emptied fully (sorry for the TMI, but I said I would cover everything).  Ive been feeling a little bloated too – BUT I’ve also not done any exercise for a little while (#dontjudgeme) so this could also be why?

Now Im not sure if this is linked to Benevita in any way, but I guess the next few days/ weeks will tell.

I had a glass of water (not had lemon water as suggested yet…perhaps tomorrow) and I took 2 of the Benevita Go capsules. Again Followed by half a packed of the shake it mixed with 300ml of Coconut water and 1 Vita+ tablet.

So this morning I felt a little off, mainly because of my not really there number two, but also because I was a little tired.

I had a mid morning snack today, as I was peckish around noon, and I felt like having food food 😐 – snacking is actually allowed on the programme, I had 6 crackers, with some chicken and goats cheese – so healthy-ish? I guess? and this kept me going until about 3pm.

Let me rewind a few hours too, I always have a mid morning/ early afternoon energy crash, and today was pretty bad – I had to have a nap. (now I think it was a combination of – extremely busy weekend, late nights and early mornings). So I fell asleep for about an hour – woke up at 3pm with a tummy ache.

And I guess the blockage was cleared, and with it my hunger returned, I had the rest of my shake – which for some reason I feel my afternoon shake is thicker even though its prepared the same….and my 2nd Vita+ tablet.

My evening was spent wrapping presents (as its almost Christmas! yay) but for dinner today, I had my 2 x Recover tablets, and lentils (daal) as a soup, with some prawns – pretty healthy and varied I think? I had a cheeky cup of tea – because I love tea and nothing can keep this from me.

So feeling pretty full and satisfied. I have had some pangs for sugar – which….I’m hoping will leave me alone soon (or ill just give in and gorge on them on Christmas day) Also no dryness or thirst today. I have been drinking more water, and keeping a water bottle with me at all times, to ensure I am hydrated. (Water is also good for flushing out the system so double yaay)

Now I promised i’d go into detail as to what is in these pills, and I’ll start with the Go tablets for today; so here goes:

Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, D-Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Glucomannan and Caffeine .

So I guess good stuff?

Lets go into more detail.

Vitamin C, we all know its good for you, and sounds good (because you know….its a Vitamin) but what exactly is this good for?

Vitamin C is an antioxidant (which I’m told is good) Which helps the body form and maintain connective tissue including, bones and skin (thank you google).  I guess Strong healthy skin and bones?

Next brings all the B’s.

So apparently all B vitamins help the body convert food into fuel, which the body then uses to create energy – Still with me??

The following: Vitamin B1 – helps the body metabolise fats and protein; B6 – helps calm and maintain a healthy nervous system, B2 – is apparently super kick ass (please click the link) Vitamin B12 – helps prevent anaemia. They all work together and each brings something unique to the table (and all of these things are good for you!)

Now for the ones I’ve never really heard of: D-Biotin – apparently helps with hair and skin regeneration. Pantothenic Acid – Aids in breaking down fats. Glucomannan – aids constipation, weight loss in adults and children, type 2 diabetes, blood sugar control, and lowering cholesterol.

So all in all, 2 pills of power in the morning. now, I don’t know if I’ve met the full effect of all these vitamins (but I’m only on day 2), and I know people will say we can get all of these from food food, but really – how much fruit and veg does a normal person eat?

I feel like I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop, but at the moment – the Go tablets seem pretty cool.

Tomorrow I will write about Recover (as these are part of the Shake it package) the Vita+ is in addition to these and again ill have a separate blog post for those.

I think this is information overload anyway – but if you have any questions – please comment and I will reply 🙂

For now, ill leave you with a picture taken this weekend of the products- Oh my Instagram page will be live soon too!! watchthisspace!



Day 1




Arms: 13.5 inches

Waist: 34 inches

Hips:40.5 inches

Bust: 40 inches

Thigh:21.5 inches

So I started today feeling quite optimistic, I took my 2 x Go Tablets with 250ml of water, and half a pack of the Shake (blended – yes blended, with 300ml water) and 1 Vita+ tablet with 250ml water.

The consistency of the shake was a bit thin, and there was some separation, which was a little off putting at first. (it took about 5 mins of staring at the blended mix before I eventually drank it) I have chosen to go for the chocolate flavoured shake, and to be honest I wasn’t let down by the flavour. it was good, the texture itself was a little off.

So I felt reasonably full, all pangs of hunger disappeared and I was able to take my mum out shopping. From above it does feel like you’re drinking lots of water, BUT About an hour and a half later I felt extremely thirsty. My mouth and throat felt dry, and I got a little panic-y.  This isn’t something I’ve ever experienced before – like i said in my previous post, I’ve never taken any dietary supplements before but I have heard that thirst can be a side effect. I just didn’t realise the level of thirst, and the panic didn’t help, as it resulted in me feeling a little sick, and rushing around so I could get home. (I thought I was having an allergic reaction!) – BUT I had brought my handy shake it bottle with me (in the car) and as soon as I had some water all of the dryness was gone.

Moral of this story – I guess water in take is key. I just didn’t realise how key till that moment.

I missed my snack as I was out, and as I was going out again, I thought it best to take the 2nd half of my sachet for an early-ish lunch. This time, I blended the Shake with coconut water. the consistency was much thicker, and i felt fuller for longer. I took this with my 2nd Vita+ tablet, and some water and then went on my merry way back out.

The dryness came back a little, as I didn’t have any water for about an hour after. My water drinking, especially during winter is pretty poor – so this encouraged me to buy some water and to ensure I was hydrated.

The rest of the day was pretty good, no issues to speak of. It was a bit of a non day, as I was out most of the day I didn’t really have a “healthy” snack. I ended up having a bratwurst at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, and I felt like I was going to burst. Very full, I didn’t feel like I needed the whole thing (just being greedy!) we did a hell of a lot of walking.

I ended my Benevita day with 2 x Recovery BEFORE my evening meal. I say before in caps as I didn’t get a chance to read my instructions as to whether this should be taken before or after my evening meal.

All in all, not a bad day, lesson learnt on the water in take – ill make sure I’m hydrated, and at the very least this will start a water drinking habit 🙂

I’ve not put up my stats as yet as i needed help confirming them (my mummy!) so I will update this post at a reasonable hour tomorrow.

I am also looking into an instagram page, so I can post pictures of the products themselves.

Tomorrow (because its late right now and I walked 20,121 steps today, so I’m tired) I will note down the benefits of the “Go”, “Recover” and “Vita+” what they are and why I’ve been advised to take them with the Shake it.